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How can I use your SerwerSMS services?

First of all, it is necessary to have account in the system using the registration form below.
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May I use your services accoridng to Pre-Paid rules?

Yes, it's enough to supercharge your Pre-paid account (package without commitments) using creator.
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Is it possible to have regular cooperation and pay monthly for sent messages?

Yes, our offer enables to permanent cooperation for subscribers.
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How long does it take to launch the account after sending subscription agreement?

Usually the account is activated after receiving the documents. Everything depends on day of the week we get them on our mailing address.

Can I send documents and agreement in electronic version to e-mail address to accelerate the launch of the account in SerwerSMS system?

Of course, before receiving required documents at activated account some limitations will be applied according to half value of chosen package.

During the contract may I change packages to get a lower price?

Of course, you can change at any time the size of the package contained within the prices. There's a condition that you cannot change it to a lower package than indicated in the day of concluding the contract.

What should I do to change the service package within the contract?

You should send an Annex to the agreement which is in the section "moje konto".

Can anyone be a customer of SerwerSMS platform?

Customer/subscriber of SerwerSMS platform can be entrepreneur within the meaning of the Act July 2, 2004 about freedom of economic activity (Journal of Laws of 2004 No. 173, item 1807 as amended.), legal person, entity or an unincorporated legal entity or natural person having full legal capacity performing on his own behalf economic activity.

Who can be a user?

A user can be everyone under the age of 18 years and is a subscriber of our platform, or a person authorized by the customer/subscriber to use his account / subaccount.

Can I test the service before using it?

Yes, each newly registered account allows you to activate test package fot two weeks. This allows for realistic testing the service.

Is it possible to test remote dispatch via WebApi?

Yes, every new account has the ability to activate SMS test package which allows you for realistic testing services also in remote communication. In addition, in WebApi documentation is a simulation account that does not even require an account registration in the system.

Download Web Api documentation

Which kind of messages may be sent in SerwerSMS platform?

SerwerSMS platform mainly provides the ability to send short text SMS messages providing very high banwidth    and all standards associated with the bulk SMS communication. Text messages are divided into two basic types: ECO and FULL.
Go to message description of ECO SMS
Go to message descrption of FULL SMS (sender ID)

Does SerwerSMS platform provides the ability to send other messages beyond the text?

Yes, cooperation with infrastructure operators and as a result of a demand and dynamic development, the service was expanded to include a possibility of sending SMS VOICE/VMS and MMS.
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Go to message description of MMS

How many characters can I use in SMS?

The basic number of characters in a single message is 160. If Polish characters are used, the number of characters will reduce to 70. If you use long text messages apply character table which is a standard SMS communication.
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Does SerwerSMS add advertising content to the message, so-called tail sms?

No, our service is a commercial and professional solution, because the message is 100% available to the customer who uses our services. For FULL SMS customer has also an impact on the sender ID which text messages are sent with.

How can I import telephones and other details of my customers to SerwerSMS platform?

Import of the contacts takes place in standard CSV (text file). This is the format that is supported in virtually any database system.
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Will I be able to group contacts?

Yes, SerwerSMS Platform allows you to import contacts directly to the previously established groups that can be used during the bulk messaging.
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Can I plan dispatch of SMS notifications?

Yes, our system allows you to plan both bulk as well as single messaging, what's more  - you can import scheduler dispatch from CSV.
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Will I see the status / message delivery report?

Yes, each message sent in SerwerSMS Paltform is confirmed by the appropriate individual report. To facilitate, the reports are also grouped.
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Can I receive messages through SerwerSMS service?

Yes, system allows bidirectional communication: sending and receiving messages.
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May I add own sender ID to FULL SMS?

Yes, FULL SMS allows you to insert own nsender ID.
Go to description sender ID

Does the service is provided 24 hours a day?

Yes, service operates 24 hours a day and any maintenance work is carried out only after prior notification to user.

How can I change data at postpaid account?

You must download appropriate form from the "Dokumenty" section in customer panel and send signed and completed document.

May I cede my account to another entity?

Yes, the documents provide a form of treaty Cession in which you can find the regulations. You should remember that the cession will be possible after verification of the entity receiving the rights and obligation of the subscriber SerwerSMS platform.

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