Checking numbers

It is possible to check numbers from different ways, such as network number, whether the number is currently available, whether the number has been transferred to another network, or whether activating activity is monitored for selected numbers. Services are based on elements of the telecommunications infrastructure used in mobile networks to store subscriber information.



Enhanced access to the registry through which you can verify current membership and availability of number in network.

Numbers can be verified in two ways by adding them to the system from WEB application and automatically integrating your system through remote API communication.

Verifying a number will reduce the cost of sending SMS, MMS or other messages in the case of an inactive number, belonging to another mobile operator network,

The solution allows you to better manage your company's SMS campaign.


  • Realtime number activity (whether the number is currently logged on to the network),
  • Verification of the correctness of the number (whether it is a cell number, whether it has a proper prefix and number of digits),
  • Checking the network in which the number is currently registered, the home network of the number,
  • Information whether the number was transferred, full imsi number (optional depending on technical conditions).

IMSI (International Mobile Number Subscriber Identity)

It is a unique SIM card identifier in GSM networks. It is encoded as a field of 13 to 15 digits in length. The first three digits are the Moble Country Code (MCC), followed by the Mobile Network Code (MNC), which may contain either 3 digits (North American Standard) or 2 digits (European Standard). The other digits are Mobile Subscription Identification Number (MSIN), a unique SIM card identifier.


A simplified version of registry access that allows you to verify network membership. Numbers can be verified in 2 ways, by adding them to the system from a web application and automatically integrating own system, through remote API communication .


  • verification of the number (if it is a cell phone number, whether it has the appropriate prefix and number of digits),
  • check the network in which the number is currently registered, the home network of the number,
  • information whether the number was transferred,
  • full imsi number (optional, depending on technical conditions).

NAT (Number Activity Tracking)

Functionality allows you to monitor the availability of the number for 72 hours from the time of order. The system checks whether the number even for a moment appeared in the network. If such information is detected, the database record will be marked and then you will be able to verify this from the Customer Panel by looking at the "Activity Tracking Number". 


  • DELIVRD - for the number that was available,
  • UNDELIV - for the number that was unavailable
  • PENDING - status in reviev for numbers that have not registered as available yet,
  • ERR - incorrect, foreign or landline number.


Verification is the number was even temporarily active within 72 hours of the availability monitoring order.

Useful for:

  • call center, to pre-verify the correctness and availability of the number. This saves time for telemarketers who make calls only for correct, available and verified numbers,

  • SMS / VMS / MMS marketing campaigns to determine the activity of numbers and delivery of promotional items, for example promotional information only to active users (cost savings, especially for multiple shipments);

Comparison service functionality

The following table compares the capabilities of the Lookup and Realtime HLR registry as well as the NAT service.





Login status (logged in or not logged on to the network) TAK
The cost of number verification from
 0.05 PLN

0.05 PLN

from 0.09 PLN
Current network TAK TAK NIE
Home network TAK TAK NIE
Transferred or not transferred TAK TAK NIE
Full imsi* number TAK TAK NIE
Support for polish numbers TAK TAK TAK
Support for foreign numbers TAK TAK NIE
Activity monitoring  for 72 hours from the time the order NIE NIE TAK

TAK Function available 

NIE Function unavailable

Prices in net. Please add up the applicable VAT rate.

* Optional, depending on the technical conditions.

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