System functions

SerwerSMS platform has many different system functions. In this section we describe the possibilities and functions in the background which ensure the efficient implementation of message sending and mobile campaigns.

Users of a subaccount

As the main user of account on SerwerSMS platform you can create additional users who will have access to the platform based on a single contract. Each user may have different rights and restrictions so that group work is facilitated and you can monitor accurately the status of sent messages.

Independent access

Users allow you to run multiple independent accounts linked to one main account and to use them independently. Any user at any time can log into his subaccount, view and modify data and to implement campaigns.

The full or limited user rights

In "card" of the user you can create law for each user. Number of messages to be sent, the functions, access to data. Chief administrator determines the level of access of each user, has the statistics and reports of users, may at any time change their rights.



From SerwerSMS platform you may use in group method using so-called alias. This function alows you to create individual usernames and passwords for main account and user's account. In this way you can organize work of many independent groups with many users in each of them.

How does it work?

Assuming that the user of main account has access to the system via username FIRMAX you can of course use the system directly on your username, for example, by creating two additional users of username FIRMAX_USER2 and FIRMAX_USER1.

Each user eg. FIRMAX_USER1 and FIRMAX_USER2 can log into the system using the available username, for example FIRMAX_USER1. In addition, it is also possible to create a completely independent alias for that user, for example, JAN.KOWALSKI, which you can use when logging in but in this case of using JAN.KOWALSKI username allows you to log into a user with permissions FIRMAX_USER1.

These functions can be applied to large and highly complex structures of the company.



Personalization allows you to create bulk messaging to a group of receivers that each of them receives individual, personalized content.

Personalizing content to the effectiveness of communication

This functionality allows you for sending bulk messages with personalized content for each recipient. You can by one click to send an unlimited number of messages in which the subject will be directly addressed to the person receiving the message. If you want to call in the personalization of the recipient's name, just in the content provide the #IMIE#. The function of personalization will change the parameter to the name of the recipient and reinforce the message. You can also use a number of parameters, so that the system will personalize message using additional data such as name, e-mail address, tax ID, description, etc.

An example

So will look the source message still unprocessed by the system:
We warmly welcome Mr. #IMIE# #NAZWISKO# You won the annual support of our accounting office, if Your taxID is: #NIP# please contact us to sign a contract.The same message will see the recipient after processing by the system:
We warmly welcome Mr. John Smith, you won the annual support of our accounting office, if Your tax ID is: 555-555-55-55 please contact us to sign a contract.

Personalization of full text

It is also possible to import contacts along with the full text of personalized messages such as in the field description. In this case just enter in the content of message a single parameter such as #OPIS# in which there will be the full text of the message.

An example

The source message still unprocessed by the system will look like this:
#OPIS#The same message will see the recipient after processing by the system:
We warmly welcome Mr. John Smith, you won the annual support of our accounting office, if Your tax ID is: 555-555-55-55 please contact us to sign a contract.

Parameters available in personalization

  • #TELEFON# (import column A label Telephone)
  • #EMAIL# (import column B label E-mail)
  • #IMIE# (import column C label Name)
  • #IMIE!# (import column C label Name) variety name eg. Tomasz -> Tomaszu. If the name is not found in database, will be used a source name (Tomasz).
  • #NAZWISKO# (import column D label Surname)
  • #FIRMA# (import column E label Company)
  • #NIP# (import column F label TAX ID)
  • #ADRES# (import column G label Address)
  • #MIASTO# (import column H label City)
  • #OPIS# (import column I label Description)
  • #POLE1# (import column J label optional)
  • #POLE2# (import column K label optional)
  • #POLE3# (import column L label optional)
  • #POLE4# (import column M label optional)
  • #POLE5# (import column N label optional)
  • #MIESIAC# current Month
  • #MIESIACA# current Month from the variety eg. sierpień -> sierpnia


Proper personalization requires familirization with CSV import and section contact.



Autoresponder SMS

This is a function that allows you to send SMS messages automatically, periodically or with a certain delay since the customer signs up by sending a text message, or the remote call using the GET or POST method. It is ideal for automation the marketing campaigns.

Multiple Autoresponder is based on:


  • automatic SMS sending
  • support for unlimited numbers simultaneously,
  • cyclic responses,
  • single response,
  • delayed responses,
  • support for multiple schemas.

Ways of action

  • series of messages and specific dates - since signing up to the Multiple Autoresponder SMS for example, customers can receive periodic reminders about meetings, classes, concerts, cultural events, etc.
  • series of messages and the delays from the specific date and time of notification of the customer to the Multiple Autoresponder SMS. This is ideal solution if we want to "dispense" information or marketing message. This eliminates the need to send immediately the complete information in a text message but divide it and keep in touch with the customer. Ideal for distribution such as SMS coupons, discounts, etc.

Examples of usage

  • Service with jokes - if you eg. run a service with jokes and you want every person who reports to autoresponder send for the whole month to everyone a joke. You set for example 31 messages, each message is a joke and they are sent sequentially in 1, 2, 3, 4 ......., 31 days from the date of signing up to Multiple Autoresponder SMS.
  • Timetable  - if you run eg. a language school and you want to send reminders about classes, you can set the timetable in autoresponder. After adding the student to the database at any time, he will receive SMS messages with reminders about the classes, the established date and time.
  • Promotion day - if in your company you have planned promotions and you know their exact dates, Your customer can receive information automatically about discounts, on certain days and times. You just need his application to Multiple Autoresponder SMS and the machine will send information about promotions.
  • Coupons - you can send eg. discount coupons with a delay since signing up to Multiple Autoresponder SMS. After setting few or more messages, each message will have a different delay (counted since the date of number calling), customer will from time to time receive coupons with the password to which he can get a discount in your business.

The autoresponder demonstration in the example of Access Number

Now you can see how the Multiple Autoresponder SMS works - just send an SMS to number 503 340 503 with the text: WASDEMO (the cost of operator tariff) and you will get some example messages.

Questionnaire SMS

This is a very interesting function that allows you to create a survey or contest via SMS. The system will automatically send messages and depending on the type of questionnaire will make the answer to a question or send a further question, regardless of the answer.

Questionnaire SMS - lot of benefits for the company

Questionnaire SMS many companies saw benefits for themselves, thanks to it, company knows the needs of its customers and can quickly satisfy them. Launching SMS questionnaire and its configuration is very straightforward process. The survey is carried out automatically according to a fixed schedule. The function can be run on the basis of Personal Access Number.

Questionnaire „flat”

Questionnaire flat lies in the fact that the person answering the questions select the particular options and is passed to the next question regardless of the sent response. The survey has several defined answers or questions.

Questionnaire „tree”

Questionnaire tree in contrast to a questionnaire flat sent response determines further questions and the continuation of the survey. If for example you have two options to choose "YES" and "NO", the person who has responded by sending "YES" further questions will be different from the person who has answered "NO". This is the stage of each question and answer.


Templates SMS

The functionality of templates SMS can streamline the process of sending a message which content is similar or identical. Sending SMS is faster and reduces the risk of committing an error when typing the message.


Templates SMS are very easy to use and require only a single configuration, the preparation of template in Customer Panel. The number of templates is unlimited and at any time you can add, delete or modify the templates.

Quick selection of a template

If you define templates, during the implementation of message sending just click in the form of SMS sending to the selected template and the content is placed automatically in the message field.



If the recipient's phone number will be added to the blacklist, during tmessage sending system will check whether in database to which is currently realized a campaign there are numbers from the blacklist. If the number is placed there, the platform will skip it and does not send the message.

Security and control of the dispatch consent

Every customer to which is directed the marketing message, should consent to the transfer of information. If in the base are numbers only with the approval of the commercial or marketing information means that everything is all right. The problem occurs if the recipient withdraws the consent. Of course, you can delete such a number from the contacts. But what if the other person / employee imports not updated data into the system? And here comes in front of a blacklist function which ensures that even in case of any inconsistency of owned consent message is certainly not sent to the person who does not want to get such information.


All numbers that do not accept the transfer of business information can be controlled in one place without having to store the files in the form of Excel or other uncomfortable formats. Access to data is always and everywhere, and the update is very simple, convenient and secure.


Transferred numbers

SerwerSMS platform is based on the integration with SMSCenter Infrastructure Operators and supports all national GSM networks (also the virtual). With direct integration platform updates information on the numbers of migrant among GSM networks. This ensures a high quality and efficiency of offered services by the SerwerSMS. Each sent SMS to Polish GSM networks, now reaches to the receiver without interruption.

Functionality of transferred numbers is now becoming increasingly important.

Each month, next customers of the GSM network (the message receivers) migrate among GSM operators while retaining their existing number. Without verification your home network SMS dispatch is becoming less effective, and thus less profitable and inefficient for the entity implementing SMS campaigns. The guarantee of full service for transferred numbers is so important argument in choosing a platform offering SMS sending. SerwerSMS platform recognizes the home network number and direct the message to a specific operator and it all happens without interfering person, realizing the SMS dispatch and in the price of SMS dispatch.



Preferences is a section in which you can make all the account settings in SerwerSMS platform. Safety, appearance, content of your account - all that can be individually configured to suit your needs.


ServerSMS platformis a very flexible product and allows you to personalize customer accounts. A very interesting option in the preferences is eg. the possibility to change the colour and fit to application to the image of your company. Your own logo, own colours - all can be used to build the image eg. among their employees.

Example possibilities in preferences:

  • setting the rules relating to logging into the platform;
  • IP configuration from which users can log into SerwerSMS;
  • hours in which the dispatch is allowed on the account;
  • notification setting on the state of the message;
  • colours and logo personalization of Panel to message dispatch service;
  • setting columns in the contacts.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – encrypted tunnel through which data are transmitted within the private network among the final customers via the Internet network.

What are the fees associated with the VPN tunnel?

VPN tunnel is used to protect against eavesdropping during data transfer eg. through SMPP protocol which is directed to a specific IP address and port. This means that you cannot use in SMPP typical SSL connection. VPN tunnel can also be paired for the purpose of the calls by HTTPS XML API.

What are the fees associated with the VPN tunnel?

The VPN tunnel is set together with the SerwerSMS Customer on request. Depending on the package of the tunnel, we offer no charge or any additional fee for the maintenance of the tunnel. This option is available in pre-paid and in subscription packages and in accordance with pricing.

How to run the VPN tunnel?

Starting the tunnel requires additional configuration that are performed manually by our technicians. If you want to set together a VPN tunnel please contact the Customer Service.


You have got e-mail

Run a universal notification of incoming e-mail.

Got e-mail function is a universal solution for all mailboxes, which can be easily combined to receive notifications of appearing e-mail. The mailbox does not have to be integrated with the SerwerSMS platform simply create a rule for the message to transmit e-mail to SerwerSMS then, this message will be converted to a text message and sent in form of a notification to the indicated number. This solution can be applied to any mailbox that has the ability to create message rules.


Many mailboxes can run SMS notifications of incoming e-mail, unfortunately, not all e-mail providers have the modules, and if there is such functionality cost for a single SMS notification is relatively high. By using the Got E-mail function notifications can be run on virtually any mailbox, regardless of what software is used by e-mail provider. In addition, thanks to this function, you can reduce the cost of SMS notifications. Exemplary SMS notification of new e-mail looks as follows: "New e-mail from to, topic: New offer of SerwerSMS".

How does it work?

  • Just configure your e-mail address and the items that will be included in the notification,
  • Redirect incoming email to,
  • Depending on your needs and possibilities of software to manage messages you can use available filters or eg. redirect to SerwerSMS eg. only subject, or messages from certain e-mail addresses,
  • Filters can also be used on SerwerSMS by defining any white and black list for the topic and content of the message,
  • There is a possibility of marking on what day and time period you receive a notification of new e-mail (all day "from - to", i.e. for example, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and "before - after" i.e. before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.),
  • Notifications sent from the Customer account which has this function (you can specify ECO SMS or FULL SMS).

Occasion SMS

Occasion SMS is a solution that allows you to run your own application on a fanpage of your company or brand without programming skills. Just configure it by and then select the profile on which the overlab of the application will start. User, depending on the configuration of your campaign by installing the app and providing his phone number, may receive a discount code, link, information, question, instructions, depending ,

The way of using the application is very broad and depends on needs and strategy. It is worth remembering, however, that the main goal of this solution is to make it easier to collect direct contacts to your company / brand fans.


Main possibilities

  • launching your own application that collects contact databases from facebook,
  • auto-save contacts to groups,
  • the ability to use contacts collected from applications in SMS, MMS, VMS campaigns
  • full personalization of the appearance and text in a simple editor,
  • possibility to run several applications on several profiles,
  • issue discount / promotion code directly from the application available on facebook,
  • the ability to post an auto post in the news view of the person who has used the app.

Data collected by the application

  • name and surname,
  • gender,
  • e-mail,
  • phone.

The application is a great solution for a marketer who wants to quickly get in touch with people who visit facebook profiles. It has been designed for different uses and is not limited to one type of campaign. With the application you can in the most popular social networking site Facebook, organize a contest or quiz based on SMS, lottery or issue a discount code for the purchase of a product or service.

Download instruction in polish

SMS Automation

Automation with the remarketing option is a feature that allows you to track the behavior of your customers on our site and respond to it. In addition, you gain the ability to gather numerical data for eg: number of logins, visits to the site, etc., depending on what you want to measure.

Functionality finds many uses and is especially useful for marketers who are focused on conversion.


How does it work?

The automation system is available to every customer of through the Customer Panel. The first step is to define a domain (website address) on which automation processes will be carried out. When you add a domain, the system will generate a tracking code that you should include in your source code.

Next you have to decide how you want to collect our customers' data. Options are two: via widget or via API. The widget is created in the Customer Panel and is fully customizable. With more than a dozen options You can define for egample to which group contacts will be saved. You can determine the description of the form fields or the text visible to the user after saving the data. The live view of widget displayed on the right side makes it easy to work on it. When the form is saved, the system generates the embed code for the item to be placed under the tracking code in the place where the widget should appear. Data collection using the API requires programming, so a detailed description of how to use the API is available at

Once you have created a mechanism to save potential customers to your system, you can go on to create rules that determine what moves of your site visitor you want to monitor, for example: visits, page clicks, clicks, etc. Visitors, after completing the selected actions on the website, client will receive a sms or e-mail with the information You want to give to the visitor in connection with the action he has taken, for eg by subscribing to your database, he will receive a welcome SMS.


Thank you for joining to our group! For a good start we give you a special discount of 20% on the products from our offer. Your CODE giving a discount is 4567

SMS automation also provides an additional conversion tool for physical counting, such as visiting a subsite, sending a contact form, and so on, depending on what you really want to measure. We also get information about how the visitor was moving on our website, what was his path before he performed the action that you would like to explore through the conversion.

What do you gain?

  • data about how many visitors performed the activity you want to measure,
  • an additional, even more effective way of acting on the customer and his purchasing decisions,
  • channel building positive relationships with our site visitors,
  • collected data available in reports and graphical statistics to facilitate visualization of results,
  • the ability to expand the database,
  • the chance of observing the consumer behavior  and, consequently, the more effective adaptation of our offer to the preferences of the client.

Billboard SMS

The function is to display in a separate window (via telebims or projectors) selected, incoming SMS messages. This allows moderated or unmoderated contact among participants in an event such as a club, disco, during the conference, auctions, and other events. The function does not require additional software and the moderator can filter messages via Internet.

Collecting database

Billboard SMS also allows you to create your own natural customer base that can be used to promote your business. All contacts of people who benefited from Billboard SMS, promoted during the event, they will enroll in a group of contacts and you can use them in bulk messaging.


  • having fun in clubs and discos,
  • classified adds service,
  • displaying questions to a joint discussion at the conference,
  • conducting the auction,
  • ordering service such as a bar.

The service was based on Personal Access Number.

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