Bulk SMS messaging

Text messages

Commercial bulk SMS messaging based on direct connection to infrastructure SMSCenter operators. Bulk SMS messaging allows you for realization SMS campaigns in the form of text messages in a very simple way. With one click you can get the information to an unlimited number of recipients. The system enables the SMS messaging based on two types of messages.


Sender ID
FULL SMS message with the alphanumeric sender's name is an extended version of text messages. With the own name of sender they help building brand awareness of a product or company. Messages like SMS FULL increase the prestige of companies implementing SMS campaign and the recipient is convinced of the credibility of the company from which is received the information, communication,SMS notification.

Example of use:

The recipient receives an SMS from sender, for example: Company XYZ.

Service specification

  • own alphanumeric sender's name (Branding SMS),
  • numeric sender's name in the form of NDI number,
  • support Polish characters,
  • Flash,
  • vCard,
  • WapPush




This type of message is the cheapest method of sending SMS
It is designed for customers who want to launch an SMS, without incurring higher costs. SMS is a basic version of the Eco text message, but their main advantage is low price and high quality. In addition, most options available in the Customer Panel is fully compatible with the type of  ECO message.

Service specification

  • good price,
  • Flash,
  • No official support for SMS reply!



ECO or FULL type messages

The following table shows a comparison of the capabilities of FULL or ECO

ECO SMS message

(with a random number)

FULL SMS message

(with an alphanumeric, 2-way or numeric name)
Editing the sender's field SMS NO YES
Cost per 1 SMS from 0.06 PLN from 0.09 PLN
The maximum length of SMS 918 characters 918 characters
Polish characters NO YES
vCard NO YES
Delivery reports NO YES
SMS answers NO
Personalized SMS YES YES

YES Available function

NO Not available function

YES The answers are supported only with the NDI number on the dispatch of SMS.

Prices net. Prices do not include tax in accordance with the applicable VAT rate.

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