AptusShop is proprietary online store software created from scratch and developed by Aptus.pl. The program is characterized by an intuitive administration panel, thanks to which managing online sales is really simple. In addition to the standard functionality, customers can also choose from a long list of additional modules. In addition, the platform is designed so that the online store can be developed at any time after its launch. Aptus.pl also creates modules written from scratch at the request of customers, thanks to which the store can be adapted to even the most demanding customers. The AptusShop platform is prepared for integration with many external systems necessary for running a business online.

List of functionalities

The following functionalities are offered by default:

  • Sending an SMS to the customer of the store when the order status is changed to "Sent"
  • Sending an SMS to the customer of the store when the order status is changed to "Completed". The "Completed" status means that the order is ready for shipment. This functionality is only available with the purchase of the order picking module. Order picking is, in turn, a module that allows you to enter subsequent products, which the seller sequentially places in the package (products are entered by reading EAN codes with a bar code reader).

There is also a possibility of implementing other functionality (normally it is not available), e.g.

  • Sending an SMS to the customer upon receipt of the payment for the order
  • Sending an SMS to the store administrator or customer when a new order is received
  • Sending an SMS in case of other events in the system (at the customer's request)

How to use the integration?

In order to take advantage of the integration with SerwerSMS.pl, go to the website www.sklepy-internetowe.pl and contact the manufacturer of the Aptus software.

Setup and operation is via an interface implemented within the software.
By manufacturer
Implementation makes software publisher.
Contact the manufacturer of the module in order to obtain information about the charge.
The direct model accounting for the purchase of sms packages is done directly on the SerwerSMS.
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