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The SerwerSMS platform is an online tool that supports broader marketing efforts

Mobile marketing and communication channel through SMS, MMS, or VMS have become in recent years a great way to reach customers. SerwerSMS platform is the result of needs appearing and is a solution that provides with services of direct bulk sms messaging. The platform consists of technology, company history and the people who create it. In this section we present some relevant information about the company, technology and used security measures. The actions we take ensure convenient and safe use of the platform during the performance of mobile campaigns.

Why we?

SerwerSMS undertakes educational and promotional activities showing that SMS is to optimize the operating costs, increase competitiveness of companies and the development of regions (sending messages to inhibitants about cultural events, text messages warning of the dangers) etc. We show you good sides of direct messages used in marketing and the different systems. We profess the philosophy of "Bright side of SMS communication."

Experience which has the meaning

Our company operates in the field of mass communication SMS since 2003, by three years the system had functioned and developed without an explicit image. Due to the growing interest in running in 2006 established brand SerwerSMS and to this day the system is functioning at this address on the Internet. With more time passes brand image was refreshed several times. Thus, we give you stable and safe system of SMS dispatch but also our knowledge, experience and "know how" that ensure effectivity in SMS communication with Your customers. Monthly giving them more than 30 million SMS messages, so we can offer you an unbeatable price offer.

Choice of the most demanding

The regular customers of service SerwerSMS are companies such as VOLVO, empik.com, za10groszy.pl, British Council, Energa, the Krakow City Council and many others. Choosing SerwerSMS you get a guarantee of quality, price and user-friendly service.

A reliable partner

SerwerSMS continuously since 2008 participates in "Rzetelna Firma" (Reliable Company - Gold Certificate of Reliability) and since 2011 we are also a member of the "Kapituła Złotych Certyfikatów Rzetelności" (Chapter of the Golden Certificate of Reliability). We want to be your reliable partner.

System almost perfect

As suggested by our users the platform SerwerSMS is still improved and enriched with new features. If you do not find in our offer any solutions you need - tell us about it!

Bright side of communication

Our mission are clear rules and ethical actions friendly towards clients, consumers and partners. We promote this philosophy and identify with it as we believe that bright side of communication leads to mutual successes.

Our aims:

  • Constant promotion of honesty in SMS communication with consumers.
    Our most important task is to provide solutions that facilitate a lot of processes and help in conducting business. Sms communication is a perfect solution for companies which want to recommend their products and services to consumers and bulid brand loyalty in a fair, unambiguous manner.
  • Assisting clients in managing ethical projects of SMS marketing.
    SerwerSMS platform is not only an online system. These are mostly the people who make up a team and have good competences. They will guarantee a professional help and advice for each of our clients.
  • Promotion of a broad use of SMS communication.
    Ten years of experience in implementing SMS marketing projects has taught us that SMS can be used in a number of ways. Today we have no restrictions and can successfully realize each of our client’s ideas.

You can also realize ethical SMS marketing due to ‘bright side of communication’.

We invite you to cooperation.
SerwerSMS team



SerwerSMS is the only one platform SMS in Poland provides a very broad access to services and the convenience to use it any time.

Access to the system

  • web panel - access from a web browser
  • API – remote communication with client applications
  • SMS –  initation by sending commends via SMS to SMS Forward service
  • e-mail – initation by sending a defined e-mail
  • iPhone application – feasibility of dispatch using free application
  • SMS by FTP - sending SMS using FTP protocol

Direct connections to infastructure operators

We provide our services based on contract and direct contracts and connection to infrastructure operators. This ensures that all data processed in our system is safe, well-known is the way message comes from the dispatch untill the end-points. Direct connection guarantees the highest quality and efficacy of service.

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Personal Data Protection and security service delivery

The integral part of quality of care for SerwerSMS is providing the service in compliance with the Act on provision of electronic means electronic and the Act on Personal Data Protection. We guarantee full security services. We encourage you to read the description of the security measures we apply.

Capacity of 10 thousand per minute

With a large number text messages sent or priority dispatch (if we want to send instant messages) an important feature of the SMS platform is its bandwidth. SerwerSMS with direct connections to Polish infrastructure operators provides for the dispatch of the capacity of 10 thousand SMS messages per minute.

We send 30 million SMS per month

Thanks to great amount executed dispatches we ensure high quality, security and warranty. All dispatches are executed in national movement, owing to that You have the certainty that service is executed in the area of the country direct to SMS-C operators (SMS messaging centres).

Transferred numbers - 100% support

Support for transferred numbers guarantees correctness of the accounts for sending text messages to such numbers.


High quality and safety is our top priority.

Processing the personal data

The processing of personal data in SerwerSMS is based on law, in particular:

  • Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (hereinafter the Act);
  • Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration dated 29 April 2004 on personal data processing documentation and technical and organizational conditions which should be fulfilled by devices and systems used for the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the ordinance);
  • Other special provisions.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations on data protection SerwerSMS applies physical security and organizational security measures in the framework of software tools and hardware resources, and telecommunication infrastructure in accordance with Art. 36-39 of the Act.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the processing of personal data in all business processes in accordance with Art. 36. of the Act 3, in SerwerSMS Administrator of Information Security was appointed. Function is performed by a specialist company with extensive experience in providing high standards of safety.

Applied security measures guarantee confidence of integrity of data processing.

Physical security of the building and the premises

  • Physical security of the building and access to the premises are controlled by the monitoring system with CCTV cameras.
  • Premises are burglar proof by the alarm system.
  • Access to the premises in the absence of their employees is supervised by security guards.
  • The windows are protected with foils burglary.
  • Premises are protected against fire.
  • Server room is fully secured both before the break in power supply as well as against unauthorized interference by third parties.
  • Access to the hardware and the database has only trained staff of administrators that guarantee the security and SerwerSMS system performance.

Organizational security

  • All employed who do their official duties have the access to the personal data, have written, individual authorization which requires the possession of Art. 37 of the Act.
  • All having authorization to personal data processing have been familliar with the rules on personal data protection.
  • All employees of SerwerSMS who in the course of their duties have access to personal data have been trained  in the field of protection of personal data and in accordance with Art. 39 paragraph 2 of the Act are required to maintain the data and how to protect them in secret.
  • Media containing personal data is stored in location that prevent unauthorized person from accesing.
  • Have been developed and implemented procedures for backup and access to these copies. Procedures for making backups and access to those copies are carefully made and implemented.
  • Access to backups have only authorized.

Security measures to protect software and hardware tools

  • Access to information and communication systems have only authorized users.
  • Granting right and the methods used to authenticate users comply with the requirements of the ordinance.
  • Devices are used to protect the system against power failure.
  • Applied cryptographic measures of data protection are made by teletransmission.
  • In order to protect the data from malicious software used antivirus programme and unauthorized access from the network – firewall system.
  • Data is processed in a RAID 1 disk arrays protecting from the consequences of disk storage failure.


Auditor of SerwerSMS Platform is:
PIN Consulting Sp. z o.o. Diamond Business Park
ul. Jana Pawła II nr 66
05-500 Piaseczno



Download file


Reference letters from our clients:


ref pl2012

(...) in a reliable and timely way SMS Alert was made and implemented integrated with the service of Polish Guide: www.polishguide2012.pl which is an official application for the fans and visitors of Poland during the UEFA EURO 2012(...)

Download file www.2012.org.pl

Próchnik S.A.

ref prochnik

(...) We recommend the SerwerSMS platform as professionals with extensive experience providing long-term cooperation and continuous development of its services with particular emphasis on customer needs. (...)

Download file prochnik.pl


ref credit agricole

(...) Credit Agricole Bank of Poland recommends the services provided by the platform...

Download file www.credit-agricole.pl

Orzesko-Knurowski Bank Spółdzielczy

ref bs ok

(...) We recommend SerwerSMS Platform as a reliable partner providing high quality services in terms of both technological and direct contact. With the company we are expanding our range of our services and their attractiveness.

Download file www.okbank.pl


ref cashflow

(...) SerwerSMS supports the work of our company allowing effective ICT support which reflects on the realization of our commercial purposes which result in the devolopment of company Cash Flow S.A. (...)

Download file www.cashflow.com.pl

District Employment Office in Opole

ref urzadpracy

(...)With the new ICT technology offered by company mentioned above we have significantly raised the quality of provided services. Our experience of cooperation recommends SerwerSMS Platform as a reliable and trustworthy partner.(...)

Download file pup.opole.pl

Health Data Management

ref healthdata

(...)We recommend SerwerSMS platform as a professional, experienced provider of specialized information and communication technology solutions.(...)

Download file www.healthdata.pl

Father Eugeniusz Dutkiewicz SAC HOSPICE

ref hospicjum

(...) big help for us is the support of SerwerSMS platform which enables us to send 500 free text messages per month to mobile phones of all operators which makes the contact easier with the volunteers and the delivery of important information to them. (...)

Download file www.hospicjum.info

NORAUTO Polska Sp. z o.o.

ref norauto

(...) SerwerSMS demonstrated professionalism and reliability in the implementation of SMS campaign. Thanks to the cooperation we have received the expected results which directly reflect on the number of customers. (...)

Download file www.norauto.pl

Bank Spółdzielczy in Tarnowskie Góry

ref bs tarnowskie

(...) The SMS traffic is running smoothly, quickly and without line interference. SerwerSMS platform provides security service delivery so important in the banking sector through encryption, additional safety devices when logging into the system and certification of personal data protection.

Download file www.bstg.pl

Certificates, awards

We choose trustworthy partners and such we are to our customers.

Market Leader Certificate

cert lider rynku

For the second year in a row SerwerSMS platform has received ‘ Market Leader’ title for mass sending of SMS alerts. Our company and services have been verified and appreciated by the jury of  prestigious competition ‘Market leader’. Or company also received the ‘Euro Leader’ title, a title given to companies that show great potential and can compete with others on European market of mobile services.

Download file Download file Website

Gold Medal 2013 consumers choice MTP

cert medal 2013

SerwerSMS platform won a gold medal granted by consumers. Voting took place at the end of GMINA FAIR 2012

Download file Website

Winner of Gold Medal / Poznań International Fair 2012

cert medal 2012

SerwerSMS platform with our philosophy: ‘Bright side of communication’ won a Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair 2012

Download file Website

Certificate in a prestigious  Market Leader competition

cert lider rynku

SerwerSMS platform is a certified Market Leader in its sector. Our company has been verified and appreciated in a prestigious Market Leader competition.

Download file Download file Website

Certificate of financial credibility

cert fwf

SerwerSMS platform participates in a program for companies with financial credibility since 10.04.2012.

Download file Website

Gold Certificate of Reliability

cert zm

Since 28th August of 2008 we participate onwards in the programme Rzetelna Firma (Relaible Company) and provide a range of information about our reliability. At the request of our contracting parties and customers we provide information to be recorded, data about the decision-making person in the company and obtained achievements.


Member of the Chapter of the Gold Certificates of Reliability

cert ck

Since 2011 we have been a member of Kapituła Złotych Certyfikatów Rzeteleności. We want to be your reliable partner.



Our customers

They and many others have already trusted us.You and Your company is alco welcome to cooperate.


PL.2012 uses solution of SMS Alert in the official news service www.polishguide2012.pl created specially for EURO 2012 and the module which aim is to improve communication between the organizers of Euro 2012 and the services responsible for security during the tournament.



empik.com uses SerwerSMS platform mainly in its online store. This allows the customers of empik to receive automatic notification about status order and the possibility of its personal receiving in the selected store.



Triumph the manufacturer of luxury underwear uses SerwerSMS platform to maintain regular contact with their customers. Promotions, news, information in the form of SMS is an additional marketing operation which is to build the loyalty of clients.



VOLVO builds customers loyalty by maintaining regular contact with them in the form of SMS. SerwerSMS platform supports general marketing plans of many Volvo Dealers.



Cracow City Council in managing of flow of information has taken into account the form of direct communication in the form of SMS. SerwerSMS platform allows for easy management of dispatches the office performs.



Próchnik in their marketing actions puts a strong emphasis on building loyalty of their customers. SerwerSMS platform is a part of loyalty programme through which the producer focuses the attention of customers around his business.



British Council supports own organizational and marketing operations thanks to SerwerSMS platform. With the ability to reach quickly to a group of people all relevant information are provided to all at the same time and on time.



Eurocash thanks to regular SMS communication with their clients, provides quick information about new product that has been available for sale.



Energa through integration with the SerwerSMS platform facilitates e.g. system of settlements and allows you to reach out effectively with important information regarding the services provided.



SKOK Śląsk acting on the credit-economic market, it provides thanks to SerwerSMS platform marketing messages supporting the sale of financial products that the company offers their customers.



Bron.pl uses SerwerSMS platform for the periodic activation of the sale. Thanks to the direct form of contact that gives SMS, the customer receives a portion of recent information on promotions and sales direct to own mobile phone.



Danfoss in the area of ​​its marketing action has taken into account direct communication using the platform SerwerSMS. In the area of ​​the market in which Danfoss moves, text messaging communication also fulfills its role.



EOS improves significantly its efficiency of vindicatory actions assisting with short SMS messages. Using the SerwerSMS platform the company is able to save a lot of time on providing regular reminders.



HealthData apart from standard measures allowed by the SMS, it uses the SerwerSMS platform for varying and improving marketing communication during various presentations of the conference.



iReward24.pl is the company that is planning and implementing various loyalty programmes. The access to SerwerSMS perfectly complements and supports the company's marketing efforts.



Za10groszy.pl innovative auction portal, through integration with the SerwerSMS platform delivers in the form of SMS different types of messages to users using the service.



Linuxpl.com is a service providing hosting services. Through the SerwerSMS platform, it provides SMS notifications in several parts of its system.



Totolotek in their systems uses SMS to deliver variety of relevant information generated by the system. SMS verification ensures the appropriate level of security that is required in the system.


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