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Make effective SMS,RCS, MMS, VMS and Viber campaigns

The platform offers a full cross-section of functionality that streamlines the direct marketing business that generates high return on investment. But that's not all, also offers many other possibilities! With us you will build a positive image of your organization and improve your information flow.

Integrate your system with simple API and automate your marketing and dispatch notifications, use the system just the way you want!


  • Build brand awareness!

    Let's being remembered and fix your image, for example, by the name of the sender.

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  • Streamline your communication

    Improve communication within and outside your company. Notify, remind, fulfill your goals.

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  • Increase conversions of your marketing efforts

    Post and improve the effectiveness of your marketing communications, increasing your ROI.

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  • Keep in touch with all at once

    Do not limit yourself! Communicate with thousands of people and with each other through mass mailing.

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  • Incoming messages support

    Lead free dialogue with its customers, thanks to the possibilities offered by the ECO, NDI and SCI and Viber.

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  • Open API and the possibility of direct integration

    All informations needed for system integration are available at

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  • Mass and single shipment

    You do not have to send hundreds or thousands of messages. You might as well send 1 SMS! Customize everything to your preferences.

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  • Black list

    All the numbers unsubscribed from your sending list are now in one place.

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  • Link tracking

    Thanks to the shortening of links with the tool, you can check the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns and further reduce the number of characters in messages.

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  • Dynamic statistics and full reporting

    Reports and statistics updated on a regular basis. Availability of real-time data.

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  • Complete management of unlimited data

    Send messages to any number of numbers, with no quantitative restrictions, and then import and export data to and from any file.

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  • Personalization

    Send personalized messages to your customers, thereby increasing efficiency and converting your actions.

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Entering the number in the test module involves sending a demo message once. The number will not be used for other purposes.

Convenient system available on all devices

Manage your SMS, MMS, VMS campaigns wherever you are from a mobile application and a remote API. Never before mass sending has been so easy, fast and convenient as now.

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Get noticed thanks to SerwerSMS

Choosing SerwerSMS you get:

  • Friendly customer panel - simple and easy to use
  • Personal care consultant
  • The company cooperates with the largest operators on the market:
    Orange, T-Mobile, Play, Plus
  • Test package for the start
  • Entrusted data protection
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SerwerSMS is:

The effectiveness of SMS marketing:

  • 3 billions sent messages
    since Platform creation
  • 70 millions system
    daily bandwidth
  • 99% of reports updated within 1 second
  • 100% of direct integration with all GSM networks in Poland
  • 94% of people use SMS in everyday life
  • 89% of businessmen determines SMS as an effective tool in business
  • 94% of people are satisfied with the sales conversion of SMS marketing
  • 77% of consumers want to receive text messages about favorite brands*

* based on the research report "SMS Communication in Poland in 2014"

Discover the world of mobile communication in the professional way!

Receive 100 free messages for the start + Shortcode 4301 for free!

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